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Mastering YouTube

Marketing for Probate

One of the clients that we have worked with recently is a group of lawyers that deal with estate planning. These lawyers deal with wills and trusts and probate issues. One of the things that we have had to deal with is to understand the basics behind wills and trusts and how the clients of these attorneys behave. For many of these clients, we had to figure out which types of marketing they responded to (such as youtube videos – see our great article below) as well as other forms of marketing.

We did tests on direct mail, call centers and other responses that they worked with. For the wills and trusts clients, they wanted to understand how the clients responded to a Internet search; how they walked through the web sites and how they understood the different sections of the web sites.

One of the interesting things that we found when we did the testing was that there were probate clients that acted differently from the wills and trusts clients. Probate is the process of going through the court to interpret a person’s wills and enforce the terms of the will. However, those potential clients were constantly dealing with a problem that was keeping their interaction low and the engagement rate low. Specifically, they needed a probate bond. A probate bond is a special type of bond that executors and administrators of probate estates need. What we did is to find out that this roadblock was in place, so we helped them to advertise their partnerships with a probate bond company. This way, their clients would become engaged with them quicker and easier and it helped to increase their overall profit from those clients.

Mastering YouTube


This report has been created to help marketers improve their rankings of their videos in both the video sites and the search engines.

These techniques may not work. Or they may stop working.


Firstly, I would like to thank you for reviewing this report.

In this report, you will get to see the techniques that I use to get my videos ranking on YouTube and in Google’s organic search engine search results.

To be honest, it is so simple to rank videos – especially on YouTube, that I’m surprised that everyone isn’t doing it. I know that they are not doing it, because I always get my or my clients videos to rank.

Below are screenshots of a couple of videos that I have created and promoted. One is the promo video for website I am rebuilding, and the other was for a diver detection system for a company I did some work for.

With both of these examples, I have got the videos ranking #1 on YouTube and ranking well on Google: –

The 2nd example (diver detection system) is now ranking at the top of page # 2 of Google. My work with this company came to an end in the first half of 2011, so it has not been promoted since and its rankings are slipping in Google as it was ranking quite well on page # 1.

Search Term: Website SEO Promotion Tools

Rank Page 1 position 1 on youtube

rank page 1 position 5 on google

Search Term: Diver Detection System

Rank page 1 position 1 on youtube

Page 2 position 4 on google


If you want to achieve similar results with your rankings, you will have to make sure that you get each of the following criteria in place and fully optimized: –

  • Patience
  • The Right Title
  • The Right Description
  • The Right Tags
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Subscribers
  • Comments
  • Promotion

Now I know that this is quite a list, and it looks quite daunting to think that you have to do all this (or get it all in place) to get a video to rank. In the pages to follow, I will show you exactly, step by step how you accomplish and achieve all of the above in just a few minutes


I put patience right at the top of the list, because otherwise it might have seemed like an add on (doesn’t really matter) bullet point.

The reason why patience is important is because most of the time, when you do all of the bullet points listed above, it will look like it hasn’t worked, and your video (depending on the competition of your niche) is right at the bottom of the YouTube page # 1 (or worse).

YouTube and Google both do the same thing with their search results 99.9% of the time. They sit on your ranking for a short while. Basically, it seems like they want to see what happens with various factors. After anything from a few days to a couple of weeks, they no longer sit on your ranking, and you will start to climb the rankings to where you belong (if you have followed the blueprint.


The Title is key to your ranking, so if you want to rank for the search term “Diver Detection System”, but you have given the video the title “Advanced Underwater Security System”, then the chances are that you won’t rank very well.

The screenshot below shows one of my videos that is ranking #1 for a competitive search topic and niche. Can you see how I have made it super relevant to the search terms: –

Website SEO Promotion Tools

SEO Promotion Tools

Website Promotion Tools

It is essential that you include your main search phrase in the title, because the title (as far as YouTube & Google is concerned) has to be what the video is about.

website seo promotion tools

You should carry out keyword research to find out what people are searching for. I use the Google Keyword tool (type in Google Keyword tool in Google and you will find it at the top of the search results).

When you have found the search results that fit best for your video and the traffic you want to attract, then you should create your title around that.


Getting the description right is the same principle as getting the title right. It is key to the ranking of your video. The reason for this is because of relevance. Google is blind, unless one of their staff watches it (most videos don’t get viewed by the YouTube staff), or unless someone flags it for whatever reason, then YouTube or Google will only go by what you tell them. If your video was about mud, but you put a description that it was about fairy cakes, then you would probably rank for fairy cakes because YouTube is analyzing the information you give it so that they can determine the relevance to the users search query.

The screenshot below is an example of the right way to lay out your description: –

youtube description


At this point I should mention the tags. I still need to talk about the description, but the tags play a big part now. YouTube let you enter tags. They let you add tags because they want you to let them know if the video should show for various search terms entered by YouTube’s visitors.

Now the tag on its own doesn’t carry much ranking weight. However, its effectiveness for getting you to rank is seriously multiplied when you add the tag in to the description, because right at that moment, you make the tag relevant to the content of the video in YouTube’s eyes and they reward relevance.

You need to think carefully and add the tags according to the keyword research you did to find out what you wanted to rank for. When you have a list of tags, enter them in to the tag box under the description box. Make sure you weave those tags in to your description


It is important that you add your link in the description box (link to your website). You should make it the first thing you enter in the description box field, or at least so that it appears on the first line of the description. This way, your link will be visible by visitor, and it will greatly enhance the chances that they will click on it and go to your site.

You should make sure you enter the http:// or else the link won’t be click-able.


I have lumped all these points together in one heading because you will be able to outsource this by automation. There is an automated service that you can join that will let you enter the video URL that you want to get views, likes, subscribers & comments for.

You can join this service free of charge. Just click on the link below and join for free: –

U2B is a good service, and to be honest, you will find it a lot harder to rank your videos if you don’t use this service or one like it.


A word of warning though. Be careful how you add your views, likes and comments. If YouTube see your views, comments and likes as unnatural looking, they could put a block on you receiving more likes, and you will not move past 301 views which could hamper you in the long run.

Make every thing look natural, so don’t be impatient, and don’t try to get masses of views in a short time


If your niche has little competition, the steps listed above will get you to the top spot in YouTube. If however the competition is strong, it will require a bit more firepower. You will need to promote the video. There are two ways you can promote to get it ranking on YouTube: –

  • Copy the embed code on to blogs, web pages and other social media
  • Copy the YouTube video link in to the content of your posts to blogs, web pages and other social media

Embed Code

embed code on youtube

When you add the link to your content, make your link anchor text. Here’s an example: –

Anchor Phrase: Website SEO Promotion Tools

Anchor URL:

HTML Anchor Text:

<a href=” “> Website SEO Promotion Tools </a>


If you follow the information laid down in this course, you will see some good rankings. Your rankings in YouTube will happen much faster that the rankings on Google, and if you want to get in to YouTube marketing where you are promoting CPA or affiliate offers, then this is what you will have to do to be successful

I wish you well with your endeavours and hope you are able to make a lot of money with your video marketing. See more at Swiftbonds.