New Age Magazine List

New Age Magazine List - Below is a small sample of the New Age Magazines and Ezines that are available around the world. Some are printed and some are available online. If you wish to promote your website or skills then most of the magazines and ezines offer reasonably priced advertising slots.

New Age Magazines and Ezines (25)

Alternative Approaches - Collection of articles about all aspects of the New Age movement. Topics include holistic health, numerology, wicca and psychic experiences.

American Spirit Newspaper - Articles include spirituality, meditation, psychic awareness, health, prosperity, and relationships.

Aquarian Solutions - Ezine covering higher spiritual frequencies, astrology, DNA activation and distant galaxies.

Aquarian Times: New age magazine with plenty of interesting articles.

Aquarius - Expanding awareness and supporting all those seeking spiritual growth.

Ashé Journal of Experimental Spirituality - A multidisciplinary e-Journal exploring diverse avenues of modern spirituality, spiritual expression and contemplative practice.

Awakening into Awareness - Free ezine and online mentoring based on an experience of spontaneous Awakening into a recognition of the nondual nature of Reality.

Awareness Magazine - A bi-monthly publication that reaches individuals concerned with many issues that involve the environment, holistic health, natural health products, fitness and personal growth.

Body and Soul Magazine - Bi-monthly magazine covering a range of new age, spiritual and ecological topics, together with book and music reviews in these categories. Free sample copies available.

Body Mind and Spirit of Long Island - Spiritual, holistic, metaphysical, and conscious living e-zine and reference guide. Featuring practitioner directory, events, articles, links, classifieds, and shopping for the New York City metro area.

Caduceus - An independent magazine for the worldwide community of those interested in the future of the planet and the alternative movements.

Chakra Spectrums - Newsletters for learning to be the higher self, and chakra awareness. Also offers affirmations and calendar of events.

Circles of Light - Published weekly, with original articles and columns concerning astrology and metaphysics.

Concepts Magazine: Positive thinking magazine.

Conscious Creation Journal - A bimonthly magazine that discusses reality creation, metaphysics, and consciousness via theories and personal stories.

Conspiracy Archive: Lots of interesting articles on the illuminati etc.

DWIJ Webzine - A volunteer-run webzine containing contributions from a variety of worldwide writers, scholars, and artists to better the planet.

Eagle Eye Magazine: A New Age Magazine - online Journal.

The Edge - Exploring the Evolution of Consciousness - Spiritual growth, integrative healing and global transformation, and leading edge news topics.

The Enchanted Sprite - Self improvement topics, health hints, and tools for spiritual growth.

The ES Press - Online magazine for spirituality and metaphysics, with tips and meditations for spiritual growth.

Glastonbury Archive - E-texts, essays, and articles on esoteric and modern-times subjects by original authors and researchers.

Immortality Magazine - Ezine devoted to exploring the topic of physical immortality.

In Light Times - Online and print Nevada newspaper dealing with metaphysical subjects, spirituality, astrology, ufos, alternative health, relationships, and the paranormal.

The Indigo Sun Magazine - Texas based monthly ezine for new age seekers, covering a wide range of topics.

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