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An Excise Tax is imposed on cigarettes and other tobacco merchandise. The cigarettes are sold to a cigarette seller who is engaged in business as a cigarette vendor in one other state (and, such cigarettes are bought for resale in another state; such cigarettes on the time of sale are properly stamped with income stamps licensed and issued by another state).

d. Require any distributor or wholesaler required to pay tax to maintain detailed data of all quantities of wholesale prices paid for receipts from gross sales or use of the tobacco merchandise on which taxes are payable, and names and addresses of wholesalers, distributors, retail sellers and customers, and different details related in determining the amount of tax due and to furnish such data upon request to the director.

Cigarette Tax Bonds, A Detailed Analysis

We write $1,000 Cigarette Tax Bonds within the state of Nebraska. NRS 370.0305 License” outlined. License” means a license issued pursuant to NRS 370.001 to 370.430 , inclusive, that authorizes the holder to conduct business as a producer or a wholesale or retail seller.

210.085 Transactions only with permitted manufacturers, importers, distributing agents, sellers, and retail dealers.

1. The license of a wholesale dealer may be suspended or revoked if an analogous license of the wholesale dealer is suspended or revoked in any other state primarily based on an act or omission that may, if the act or omission had occurred on this State, be grounds for the suspension or revocation of the license of the wholesale vendor pursuant to NRS 370.379 , except the wholesale dealer demonstrates that the suspension or revocation of its license within the different state was effected without due process. A wholesale supplier whose license is suspended or revoked in this State pursuant to this subsection is eligible for reinstatement upon the sooner of the date on which the violation within the different state is cured or the date on which the license of the wholesale supplier is reinstated within the other state.

Nebraska Cigarette Tax Bond

Bonds Categorical offers a New York Cigarette Tax Surety Bond with a 99% approval price. eight. (New part) a. There may be imposed a tax upon the sale, use or distribution of a cigarillo inside this State by a distributor or a wholesaler to a retail vendor or consumer on the fee of $0.54 for each cigarillo.

NRS 370.190 Sale of income stamps by Division; payment for revenue stamps or metered machine impressions; regulations.

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Alaska levies a tax on cigarettes and tobacco merchandise that are imported or transferred into Alaska. 3. The name and handle of the one that accepted the order for the sale of the tobacco merchandise.